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In a single word, diversity describes Southwest United States. Mountains, plateaus, canyons, deserts, rivers and coastal shores are within a 5-hour drive from Las Vegas. The greatest concentration of National Parks, National Monuments, National Landmarks, and Native American Cultural Sites in the United States are located within the Grand Circle, a 250 mile radius around the Grand Canyon.

Las Vegas is the logical and least expensive gateway city into the Southwest, and is the perfect destination from which to Explore, Discover and Experience Southwest USA during a pre- or post Las Vegas vacation. You may choose to begin or end your multi-day personalized tour in Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Diego or San Francisco.

LasVegasPrivateTours.com offers discerned travelers the opportunity to separate from the mass; to tour exclusively with your partner, family or friends; and to build your personal itinerary by selecting tour options that provide greater flexibility, more venues of personal interest, and the best value.

Please take time to review our new website. Compare semi-private tour options offered by suppliers and brokers with the selection and value you’ll receive on your personal designed custom tour. Expect more from your tour service. Receive more from your tour guide. Experience the difference. Choose a Certified Professional Tourist Guide at LasVegasPrivateTours.com.


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  • We are experts in our profession;
  • We are knowledgeable of the areas we service;
  • We have visited the destinations we guide;
  • We are Certified Professional Tourist Guides

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Private tours are not new to the Las Vegas scene. Many operators market private tours to visitors willing to purchase all the seats in select vehicles. When choosing a private tour compare the destination options, flexibility to deviate from the published itinerary, and the


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  • Experience the tour of your choice;
  • Experience a tour departure and return on your schedule;
  • Experience a tour with guaranteed departure;
  • Experience a tour with no minimum, no maximum passengers;

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It has been said that “travel is the best form of education.” We believe that the best way to learn about a destination, its people and its history, is to experience the destination with a Certified Tourist Guide. Las Vegas Private Tours.com is your source for exceptional personalized vacation experiences and experiential learning.

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We are committed to your satisfaction. We communicate with you; evaluate your interests, your needs, your vacation time frame, and your budget. The result is your personalized custom designed private tour.

Expect superior service, quality products, fair price, and excellent value. Request LasVegasPrivateTours.com to fulfill your next guided tour experience. We will meet and exceed your expectations. We look forward to showing you Las Vegas and Southwest USA.


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Whether you are an experienced or a new traveler, your comments are welcome. Send comments to info@LasVegasPrivateTours.com.



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Char Cruze

“Char” and the City of Las Vegas grew up together!

During the year of my birth, the first “Strip” resort hotel and casino opened bringing the legendary Godfathers; and WWII brought the military to Southern Nevada.

Four generations of my family resided in Las Vegas valley; two great-great-grandfather’s assisted the 1855 pioneer settlement of Las Vegas Mormon Fort. My father worked on construction of Hoover Dam, and major roads in the southwest.

Accompanying my mother and father, I attended the opening of Bugsy Siegel’s famous Flamingo Hotel in 1946; attended Elvis’ inaugural appearance in 1956, and saw the Beatles during their world tour.

My Pioneer and Native American heritage’s (Cherokee\Algonquin), gives me deep respect of our earth and the art of storytelling. I have recorded many stories in written form as my legacy to Las Vegas.

I bring to my audience a profound knowledge of regional history and human nature. Love of the land is apparent as I share a personal perspective of southern Nevada’s  cultures, histories and legends. I keep abreast of historical literature, facts and trivia, and bring the past to life for my guests through interpretive presentations.

I display a strong penchant for perfection and personal integrity, as expressed in my art and my personal life. These attributes bring an enjoyable dimension to my art and my tours. My life work is “Earthmark” in reverence to my Indian heritage.

Founder and President of Creative Adventures Ltd, my Las Vegas company has catered to private tours since 1976. I am an experienced manager for motor coach group tours throughout western United States. I was a founding member of the Las Vegas Tourist Guides Guild, and currently serve as Educational Director. I was the recipient of The Tour Guide of The Decade Award, presented by Oscar Goodman, Mayor, City of Las Vegas.

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Art Chesmore

A Certified Professional Tourist Guide, and an Independent Travel Professional; I have been active in the tourism and hospitality industry since 1989. My experience includes vacation travel planning, tour and travel instructing, tour directing and tour guiding.

During the past 18-years I guided thousands of tourists to Southwest United States destinations. As a Tour Director, I escort travel groups on multi-day tours through the American Southwest.

I enjoy travel, domestic and international. I have interest in natural and human history, and in Ancient Civilizations of the World. When not guiding or escorting clients, I can be found exploring new destinations afoot and in-print.

My experience includes a 23-year professional career in natural resource fields, including forestry, fisheries, parks and recreation. I am a member, director, past president, and a founding director for the Las Vegas Tourist Guides Guild.

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Paul McCormick

Hello Intrepid Traveler and congratulations on considering a trip to the American Southwest. If this is your first visit or your 50th –there’s always more to see. There’s no place on earth with more diversity.

I’ve spent the last 40 years exploring the Southwest’s nooks and crannies and there’s still a few roads I haven’t been down yet.

I have called Arizona, New Mexico, California and now Nevada my home. Mostly, it’s been California and Las Vegas (the last 30 years).

I have considered myself an “out-doors guy” ever since I left the Midwest and saw the mountains and Pacific Ocean for the first time. I am particularly interested in geology and how all this great beauty around here was formed. But history was my favorite subject growing up. So even though our recorded history here is a bit shorter than most of yours…it is still the “stuff of legend”and I would like to share it with you.

So, whether we spend a half day together or a week exploring the great Southwest together…let my 40 years of living around here and 10 years of tour guiding be your key to this land and we’ll go out and experience it together.


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